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This is our official Love island water bottle review. Did you know just how popular the demand is for love island water bottles? A Google search found that the term “love island water bottles” was searched for 60,500 times per month.

What i found really interesting is that this high search demand makes up just one very small part of the love island tv show. So, for example, on a search for “love island cast” we found that this term was searched 18,000 times.

So the public must be more interested in buying a water bottle than they are the stars/cast of the show.

I wanted to dive more into this mad craze for the love island water bottle to understand why this bottle is so popular.

There is somewhat a battle of the print world as every tom dick and harry seems to offer a Love Island Replica Bottle.

I purchased a replica bottle in 2018 but I was disappointed.

Love Island Water Bottle
Love Island Bottle – This is what the official love island bottle looks like before it is printed

I purchased a love island bottle replica last year and I have to admit, the writing peeled off within the first week. I sent the bottle back to the suppliers and received another one which didn’t last much longer. In the end I honestly could not get motivated to return another one. I have to mention at this point that the bottle purchased was not directly from ITV’s love island store.

I opted for a replica bottle which was some £8 cheaper (£12 cost) than the official love island store. I was disappointed and I will not be purchasing another of those.

With people rushing out to buy a bottle this year, like I did last year, I decided to review more top google searches to find out which terms are being used to locate a love island bottle and the companies selling these bottles. I wanted to determine whether it was best to find another supplier or opt for the official bottle and lay out the top whack of nearly £20 plus p&p.

I can not comment on the official love island water bottle as I have not had any experience with them, however, I have seen articles on such websites as the mirror where customers have not been happy with their love island water bottle. You can see the mirrors article on this here.

Where to buy your love island bottle in 2019.

love island water bottle colours

love island water bottle colours

love island water bottle colours

love island water bottle colours

love island water bottle colours

Well of course for the official love island bottle go to the love island store.

But before you head there, we have spoken with a few other love island replica sellers who have given us some information on replica love island water bottles.

One online seller said “Love island bottles are searched for over 60,000 times per month, so the competition to sell them has absolutely sky rocketed. We were one of the first manufacturers in the UK to supply these water bottles and now the whole of the internet seems to be selling them.

Love Island replica Bottles are not all equal

Another seller said “We purchased these water bottles a long time ago even before the love island show started. We naturally saw there was a hype and market for selling the bottles so we decided to print them using our 40k cylindrical printer and we were on amazon within hours of the show showing these.”

“We found that as soon as others realised that the bottles where popular, the bottles or similar looking bottles suddenly invaded the internet like the plague.”

“What is interesting, is that a large amount of the water bottles sold online have so many complaints through leaky bottles and the writing coming off”. I laughed and said “yes, this happened to me”!

Mark said that he was not surprised, “The problem is, printers saw a quick buck, we have seen a wide range of prints that come off because inferior techniques are being used to print these water bottles. We have even seen glue on stickers. Don’t get me wrong, for the first week that is fine, but after a few washes or uses, bang, the print will start to peel or fall off.”

“The only way to get these printed properly is by UV printing, which is a permanent printing method. It costs a lot more money to print these love island water bottle replica using this technique but the result is simply a permanent print.”

The bottles on offer online can be very different in appearance to what you actually end up getting. The bottles are either not quite the same as the official love island bottles or the print doesn’t quite look right.

Mark assured us that the bottles they produce are the exact bottles that are used on the love island show. He would not confirm as to the supplier of these bottles of course, but he did suggest that i wouldn’t find a difference between the love island stores bottle and his own.

I think what he is trying to say is, our bottles are from the same supplier.

More than just love island water bottle replicas, tons more!

love island bottleMark also said to us that his company produces many items with a similar love island font. The font seems to resonate with people. We produce many products with this font type in UV ink for a high quality finish.

Mark then said: “I will prove to you how good our bottles are by sending you one in the post tomorrow, our UV printed ink doesn’t come off and even the water bottles on the love island show have been seen to flake or peel off “.  Mark sent me a link to an article on the Sun online where people have purchased the love island water bottles and infuriately complained.

Complaints can be seen here: As you can see here:

48 hours later my new love island replica water bottle arrived. Wow, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bottle looked superb, the print was as he said, almost welded on. I can also report that i am now 3 weeks later having used my love island water bottle replica almost everyday in the gym and at work, i have put the bottle through its paces to be fair and the print has not tarnished at all and i have not had any leaks.

You can grab water bottle will be posted out to you within 24 hours of receiving your order and you should receive your order 48 – 72 hours. Best of all, our bottles are £18 which includes FREE delivery and just for you islander geeks, here is a coupon discount code for 5% off your bottle.

All you have to do is like and share this page on facebook and 5% will automatically be added to your checkout.

What is the font used in the love island logo?

The love island font is Pecita. You have to be fairly creative in the way that you use the font to accurately match that of the love island logo.

There has been much speculation this last week regarding if love island 2019 was actually going to go ahead.

Today we were given the news that love island 2019 would start on June the 3rd 2019.

Already we are seeing mass speculation on twitter and in the national paper of possible new contestants, so it is 100% full steam ahead from here on in.

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